An Introduction...

Leigh Ann's passion for design began in the 4th grade when she and a friend designed a before-its-time solar-powered "green" home on wheels (like no RV you've ever seen).  They went so far as to explore patent rights, but quickly got back to the serious business of the 4th grade. 


After graduating magna cum laude from Appalachian State University and then completing her MBA from UNC Chapel Hill also with honors, she enjoyed a career in marketing to develop both her business and creative talents.  With over 12 years spent at The Walt Disney Company, the combination of creativity, strategy, experiential design, and customer service became a part of her DNA. 


A proven expert at relocation having moved 10 times in 20 years, she knows the importance of making a home a "home" no matter the location or size to ensure balance and quality of life.  Leigh Ann has transformed her passion into a design business where she brings her Disney entertainment, design and keen business sense to increase the value, comfort and beauty of your home, on budget and on time.  Every time.

certified true color expert

Chic By Design's mission is to "Improve lives through personal design solutions." 

Our core values of Authenticity, Integrity, Caring and Innovation guide every decision we make. 


We are a full service interior design firm serving North Carolina from Wilmington to Asheville.  Clients choose Leigh Ann for her collaborative ability to translate their individual personality and lifestyle needs into a timeless, inspiring environment.  Her vision manifests into spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful.  Her designs celebrate the architectural style of the home and create a rich tapestry that engages and embraces its residents and visitors for a lifetime to come.  Leigh Ann nurtures and guides clients through the building and renovation process, helping to alleviate stress along the way.