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Gracie Jo and Cookie Monster.jpg

Gracie Jo

Gracie Jo loves to go to work!! She's our most enthusiastic team member.  And at the same time, she brings a calmness to any project with her wiggle butt and kisses.  Her favorite activity??? 

... Photo Bombing!  Check her out below.

Gracie Jo Iron Bed.jpg
Gracie Jo on Sofa.jpg
Gracie Jo in Chair.jpg
Gracie Jo Testing Bed.jpg
Gracie Jo Girls Room
Gracie Jo Sitting.jpg
Gracie Jo Long Hair.jpg
Gracie Jo on Pouf.jpg
Gracie Jo Cow Chair.jpg
Gracie on the Job
Gracie on the Bed
Drama Dog
Dog with Bows
Truck Ride with Gracie
Cool Jo
Gracie in Glasses
Mountain House Rug
Puppy Love and Dr. Seus
Gracie Jo on Wilderness Rug_edited.jpg
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