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We're able to take on any size project, and our approach is tailored to our clients' individual needs. 

With any product or service one buys, there are always three variables:

1) How fast can we get it?

2) What is the quality?

3) How much does it cost?

At Chic By Design, we never sacrifice quality. 

Our strengths are color, clarity and vision. 

Any designer can create a pretty room. 

Clients choose us for the direction and journey we guide you through.  Many clients build anticipation and excitement for their next project because they enjoyed the process so much.

Design Fees

We seek to provide an accurate estimate for the time and dollar investment required for both you and us to create what you desire.  Personal attention is devoted to each project, so at times there may be a waiting period before we're able to begin

We work on retainer, with a deposit required upon contract.  Initial consultations (up to 2 hours) are $250.  If you'd like for us to provide further services, $100 is rebated towards the retainer. 

Products are sourced at a trade discount, and include a procurement markup fee that still provides significant savings to you compared to suggested retail pricing. 

For builders and commercial clients, set project fees may be provided.  

It's a privilege to work with you, and we appreciate each and every opportunity. 

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