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Creating forever homes wherever you are, whether building new or renovating, requires thoughtful consideration to each design decision.  Our goal is to make the process more fun and rewarding.  With an overwhelming number of choices, clients hire us to help them understand the implications of each decision and avoid costly mistakes.


We bring our vast knowledge and experience to guide each choice to support the architecture of your home and the lifestyle of your family.

  • Renovation & Remodeling Design

  • New Construction

  • Kitchen & Bath Design

  • Site & Project Analysis

  • Client Needs Assessment

  • Strategies to Repurpose Space

  • Space Planning & Floor Plans

  • Collaborative Consulting with Architects & Contractors

  • Selection of Interior Finishes

  • Bespoke Furniture & Custom Upholstery

  • Lighting Design

  • Window Treatments

  • Floor and Wall Coverings

  • Custom Bedding

  • Art & Antique Procurement

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  1. It Starts With An Appointment

    • After you complete your design inquiry questionnaire, and we’ve agreed that we are a good fit for each other, we’ll schedule an initial in-person consultation.

  2. Tell Us What You Need

    • During the initial consultation, we will assess your needs during our in-depth walk-through and discussion. We will review and sign the Letter of Agreement and receive a retainer for the commencement of the project.

  3. Measurements and Photographs

    • During that meeting, we'll take measurements and photographs.  It's important to confirm the budget and timeline for the project.

  4. We Do The ‘Legwork’

    • We take all of your information back to our office to initiate the drawing of space plans and renderings, and begin to source materials, fabrics and furnishings from our trusted trade partners and craftspeople.

  5. Our Presentation To You

    • We will sit down together to review and discuss a presentation of the design concepts.  In some cases, we provide different concepts to ascertain your exact needs and preferences.  When needed, we'll iterate based on your input and feedback and meet once more before finalizing the plans.

  6. The Magic Begins

    • Once you have approved the design concept and remitted payment for purchases, our team will initiate invoices, place orders, and schedule installation dates.

  7. What Happens Next?

    • During this phase of the project, our team is closely monitoring the budget, receiving products, making arrangements for installation and keeping the project on track!

  8. Installation Day

    • Once the tradesmen have completed their work and the permanent fixtures are in place (if applicable), we will schedule an official install day where we’ll put all of the final pieces in place.

  9. Your Beautiful Home

    • This is the best part of the process. You get to come home to experience the reveal of your new, beautiful space!

  10. Exceptional Customer Service

    • Although we know that you will love your new space, we will walk through the space with you to take note of any deficiencies that need to be resolved before we close the project!

  11. Project Closure

    • Once all deficiencies have been resolved, we will schedule an appointment to formally close the project and present final invoices.

  12. Let's Show Off!

    • We’ll schedule a date and time for your project photoshoot.

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